Takarazuka: Intimate politics and you will well-known society in progressive Japan, Berkeley and you may Los angeles : School regarding Ca Force

Takarazuka: Intimate politics and you will well-known <a href="https://datingmentor.org/italy-disabled-datin/">disabled dating in Italy</a> society in progressive Japan, Berkeley and you may Los angeles : School regarding Ca Force

17. In battle, government entities advertised traditional hairstyles and you may developments for all the sufferers; for females, quick, bowl-molded haircuts and you will baggy, high-waisted monpe trousers (are not used about country) have been recommended just like the gestures out-of austerity, modesty and you will home side help to your full war energy. To own a description and you can study out-of wartime shojo depictions for the shojo zasshi, discover Imada Erika, 2007, pp. 57–83. To possess definitions off wartime trends and you may hairstyles to have mature girls, find Wakakuwa, 2000 Wakakuwa, Midori . 2000 . Senso ga tsukuru joseizo: Dai niji sekai taisenka zero Nihon josei doin no shikakuteki puropaganda, Tokyo : Chikuma gakugei bunko . [Google College student] and you can Atkins, 2005 Atkins, Jacqueline . 2005 . “ Luxury is the opponent: Manner and you can fabrics when you look at the wartime The japanese, inside Jacqueline Atkins ”. When you look at the Wear propaganda: Textiles toward home front side within the The japanese, Great britain, additionally the Us, 1931–1945, 157 – 169 . The brand new Retreat and London : Yale University Push . [Yahoo College student] .

18. Tanabe, ‘Shojo shosetsu ni muchu datta koro’, of Bara zero kobeya yori, reprinted during the Honda, 1991 Honda, Masuko . 1991 . “ Senjika no shojo zasshi, when you look at the Otsuka Eiji ”. Inside Shojo zasshi ron, Tokyo : Tokyo shoseki . [Yahoo Scholar] , pp. 36–37.

19. Story off Young Yard, the fresh new translated Japanese term out-of Louisa Could possibly get Alcott’s Nothing Females. Brand new identity Wakakusa Monogatari was observed if the movie try shown in the Japan in the 1934; earlier typed translations and you will adaptations out of Alcott’s antique received other titles.

20. Other styles off shojo enjoyment, particularly the fresh new Takarazuka Revue, may also have considering an unit for the right guy that have the types of new danso no reijin[beautiful lady in the male clothing], the fresh new otokoyaku. Takarazuka not merely cultivated a loyal shojo fan base from the wartime and you may postwar ages, however, are appeared frequently inside shojo zasshi, particularly Shojo no tomo. To possess an explanation and you can historical/anthropological studies of one’s Takarazuka Revue, look for Robertson, 1998 Robertson, Jennifer . 1998 . [Crossref] , [Bing Pupil] .

21. Dating back to the fresh 1910s, coaches and you can moral advocates regarded as motion picture theatres since the breeding cause of the new furyo, otherwise since the furyo’s google search reasons behind the jogakusei victims. Specific girls’ schools put rigid requirements on the children which wished to attend flick theatres, otherwise prohibited attendance downright. Get a hold of Inagaki, 2007 Inagaki, Kyoko . 2007 . Jogakko to help you jogakusei: kyoyo, tashinami, modan bunka, Tokyo : Chuo koron shinsha . [Bing Beginner] , pp. 142–49.

Note: since postcard respondent (or even the editor) utilized an alternate spelling (Wakagusa rather than Wakakusa), the quality spelling and enunciation try Wakakusa

22. The fresh romantic overtones regarding sharing a keen umbrella has prewar and you can very early wartime precedents. Select Kawabata Yasunari’s short-story, ‘Amagasa’ (Umbrella) of 1932, which has a good romantically charged world regarding a couple of youths sharing a keen umbrella. My personal compliment of Jan Bardsley for pointing out so it connection.

23. Come across ‘Civilizing “Degenerate” Students’, inside Ambaras, 2006 Ambaras, David . 2006 . Crappy youthfulness: Teenager delinquency and also the politics out of daily life in progressive Japan, Berkeley and you may La : School out-of Ca Push . [Yahoo Student] , pp. 66–96.

twenty four. The newest fee transform is short for data from 1946–fifty in place of 1936–forty (Lunden, 1953 Lunden, Walter A. 1953 . Juvenile delinquency into the Japan. Pre-combat, battle, and you may post-battle decades . The new Record off Criminal Law, Criminology, and you can Police Research, 44(4): 428 – 432 . November-December [Crossref] , [Google Beginner] , p. 430).

The only exclusion towards the gender-segregated system out of blog post-primary education on the Meiji period on wartime several months is the brand new coeducational Tokyo Music School [Tokyo ongaku gakko]

eight. We analyse such depictions in more detail from the wartime section in the my dissertation with the shojo zasshi:‘The Girl’s a period: Representations out of Femininity and you can Puberty into the Japanese Girls’ Guides, 1930s-1960s’ (PhD Dissertation, Stanford College or university, 2008).

16. Look for Inagaki, 2007 Inagaki, Kyoko . 2007 . Jogakko in order to jogakusei: kyoyo, tashinami, modan bunka, Tokyo : Chuo koron shinsha . [Yahoo Student] , p. 207.

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